SLVAAA encouraging seniors to get vaccinated

ALAMOSA — The SLV Area Agency on Aging in Alamosa currently has a program where vaccinated seniors 60 years and older can receive a meal voucher for free fresh food through Moki Kitchen and a gift check from Butterball for free groceries from area supermarkets.

The SLV Agency on Aging partnered with Moki Kitchen, a local organization that works with the SLV Food Coalition and has a bus that goes to the Alamosa Farmer's Market to get fresh produce. This meal voucher is only good to use until Oct. 21, because of the seasonal nature of the farmer's market.  The gift check from Butterball does not expire and is good for any type of groceries.

The aim of the program is to encourage people, especially seniors, to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

Monika Wolfe, director of SLV Area Agency on Aging, shares many ways people can get vaccinated. People can "... get a vaccine at any clinic, or convenient care....also Safeway and Walgreen pharmacies in Alamosa. There are buses that travel to different locations."

People can also go to to find locations where to get vaccines and information on the latest threat, monkeypox.

Seniors, 60 years and older, who have their vaccination card can go to the SLV Area Agency on Aging, 1116 Third St. in Alamosa, to get a voucher for free fresh produce from Moki Kitchen and a gift check from Butterball for free groceries. There is information on the vouchers about where to redeem them.