Silver Sage 4-H Club sets fundraiser for Nov. 7

BLANCA — The Silver Sage 4-H club in Costilla County is holding its second fundraiser Nov. 7. They are selling tickets for a chance to win a semi-truck load of wood logs. The drawing will be held at the Blanca-Fort Garland Community Center.

The 4-H club is a national organization for children 5-18 years old. Best known for raising farm animals, the 4-H is so much more. Ted Cordova, of the Silver Sage chapter, shares the purpose of 4-H.

" teach them responsibility, how to manage things, do better in life, learning life skills and becoming successful adults," Cordova said.

Children in 4-H have the opportunity to learn cooking, gardening, photography, knitting, metal work, woodworking and leatherwork. The children are also taught to give back to the community. The 4-H donates toys for Toys for Tots and helps a local Blanca daycare, Tiny Hands.

Last year, Ted Cordova and Amanda Wakasugi took over the reins from Wendy Fisher of the Costilla chapter of 4-H, Silver Sage, the only 4-H in Costilla County.

The children are taught how to take care of their animals, clip them properly, and learn about the world around them.

By planting a potato seed and seeing it through to harvest, children learn skills useful for the future and one of the main industries in the San Luis Valley.

Children go on nature hikes, catch and learn about different insects. There are about 20 children involved with Silver Sage 4-H.

Meetings are held at the Blanca-Fort Garland Community Center the first Monday of each month. There is a board with president, vice president, etc. comprised of the children so they can learn office procedures, how to conduct a business meeting, all useful skills.

Money from fundraisers pay for expensive equipment and the high costs associated with raising animals which allow the children and their families to focus on caring for the animals.

Trinchera Ranch has been a generous supporter of Silver Sage 4-H, as well as All-Gon Restaurant in Fort Garland.

Last year, Trinchera Ranch donated Christmas trees for sale. This year, Trinchera Ranch is donating a semi-truckload of wood logs-delivered free of charge locally. The drawing will be held at the Blanca-Fort Garland Community Center on Nov. 7 at 6:45 p.m. The winner will be notified by phone. Tickets are $10 each or $80 for 10 tickets. Call Cordova at 719-496-6282 or Wagasugi at 719-588-1023, for tickets and information.

Cordova is also on the board of the Blanca-Fort Garland Community Center and a major sponsor of the Halloween Maze and event Oct. 30.  He wants to "...revitalize the youth and provide opportunities for the children to be involved," like building mazes or decorating cars. The Silver Sage 4-H club will have a booth at the Trunk or Treat event with information about 4-H.

The Blanca-Fort Garland Community Center provides a safe fun environment with many activities like a basketball court, swimming, fitness center, library, and craft room for children and adults. Call 719-379-3450, for information on times and programs.