New Centauri High School: High-tech learning space


Photos by Brian Williams The Centauri High School project was funded by a bond issue passed by voters and Build Excellent Schools Today (BEST) grant money from the state. 

LA JARA — The new Centauri High School welcomed students back from summer break this month. Work on the $30 million two-story project began just over two years ago.

The project was funded by a bond issue passed by voters and Build Excellent Schools Today (BEST) grant money from the state.

The new two-story school is located on the same site as the existing high school on Highway 285. The main entrance is at the west end and does not face the highway.

The existing school remained operational during construction of the replacement school, and the limited area of the site directed the location of the new school.

Presenting a fresh face for the site to the students and the community, the new school is a modern contrast to the older construction of the District Office and Middle School that remain.

The old school was demolished just before the start of school. In its place will be a large parking lot.

This new high school for 300 students was a replacement for the original Centauri High School built in the early 1950’s. Located south of La Jara, the school serves students from a wide geographic area.

Divided into two parts by a large, open lobby, the school creates separate academic and athletic wings, each with its own personality.

The classrooms and class-labs are created for flexibility so the instructors can combine lectures and group work. The school will be fully outfitted with electronic equipment for each classroom and the school’s infrastructure is designed to match.

The athletic wing is sized for the large crowds the community is known for, and an additional auxiliary gym for the many team practices the district holds for teams of each sex was requested of, and granted by, the state.

Many design and material options were explored by the entire owner, architect and construction management team to provide a high-quality, long-lasting new facility for the North Conejos School District.

The project was built on a phased, fast-track schedule in careful coordination with the Construction Manager, Bradbury Stamm Construction. The athletic wings opened for use in 2021.

Students moved into the new building on March 28. A full ribbon cutting-opening ceremony and celebration, and public tours, coincided with the Centauri High School and North Conejos Alternative Graduation in late May.